I just brunch a lot

Fresh off a couple of days of some real nasty hiking up in Yosemite, I’ve returned to the central valley with a lot of pictures and a recipe for a cocktail that was well worth hauling a fifth of bourbon on an 8 mile overland.

Evan Williams Margaritas
3 parts- Awful lemonade
1 part- Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon

It really does taste like a margarita, don’t ask me how. And if you use a Gatorade-y type lemonade mix, you’re preempting your hangover with electrolytes, how post.

The meals we ate while camping at May Lake and Tuolumne Meadows High Sierra camps demonstrated how hard it is for some people to cook at altitude (lower air pressure means cook more extreme!). It also reminded me how much I love oatmeal. The park folk had some great accoutrements for oatmeal like shredded coconut and golden raisins. I now have a renewed interest in trying out some different oatmeal combinations. Oatmeal and grainbased breakfasts will be a genre I return to often, and they can be just as glamorous as the egg/potato fatfests that I celebrate so often.

Left in a bizarre mood by a dream that ended with me running one of my parents friends off of Highway 1 driving down to “El Lay” I woke up wanting eggs, but not in any of their normal forms. After going on a bit of a Giada binge last week I remembered my favorite recipe from Everyday Italian, the infamous spaghetti omelette. This lil’ number will put you well on your way to fulfilling your egg quota for the day and is also a great way to get rid of old spaghetti, not to mention it is a wonderful vehicle for hard cheese experimentation (pass the asiago). For the sake of avoiding a copyright infringement suit with Ms. De’Laurentiis I have added my own touches to this most formidable of brunch entrees.

Spagomelette con Sauce

One Serving (10 ounces) of leftover spaghetti
2 eggs
Little Butter
Tablespoon half and half
Hard cheese (parmesan, pecorcino, asiago, the nuttier the better in my book)
Fresh parsley and basil chopped fine

It really couldn’t be much easier. Our spaghetti leftovers were separated into sauce and noodles. I mixed them up and nuked them for a few minutes to get them room temperature. When you’re frying, room temperature is the only way to roll. I cut up the noodles into smaller chunks so it’s a little more fork friendly. Mix it up well and crack the eggs directly into the bowl of warm spaghetti. Break the yolks and mix well, you don’t really want pockets of omelette and pockets of spaghetti. I use my hands to mix here, mostly because it reminds me of Halloween when I was little and you’d close your eyes and feel a bowl of cold spaghetti (“It’s brains!”) You can add some cheese now, or some bread crumbs to thicken it up some. I’ll put the teensiest bit of cream here to give it some more moisture.

Get your pan hot. You’ll grow tired of hearing that on this site. This recipe is a sticking mess, so go with some of that space-age shit. Toss some butter in the pan so that it sizzles, spread it around and dump the goop into the pan. There should be plenty of sizzle and almost immediately you should be able to see the egg cook on the sides. Leave it be! Salt and pepper it, but don’t fiddle with it until you can shake the pan and the whole omelette moves as one. When it seems ready for flipping, you’ve got some options. Is the pan too small for a flamboyant flip? Flip it onto tin foil then slide it back in. But before it hits the pan, a little more butter is in order, you see, that first side soaked up all the butter and if you don’t rebutter the second side will blacken fast. When its flipped, it will not take long for the other side to cook. So get your cheese grated (use a microplane!) and your herbs ready. Do a feel test in the middle and plate when slightly firm. Top with your herbs and cheese.

In leftover recipes like this, I think its always important to have at least one fresh ingredient, or in this case aspect, in the dish. Oh, and the eggs don’t count. Something old, something new, something borrowed ,something- fried? Hopefully your green tea is ready by now and you can sit back and take in the best 10cc song of all time.

10cc – I’m Mandy Fly Me


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