Law, Order, Potatoes, Eggs

Well, sincerest apologies for drunkenly promising a breakfast I can not, at this point, produce. It will happen eventually, but a few circumstances led me to avoid involving the fattiest of fowls in my breakfast.

What would lead me to postpone a duck filled breakfast? Try three pairs of Men’s Wearhouse slacks and two hand me down suits. Apparently as a result of in one summer having jobs that regularly provided me with cold smoked salmon jerky, fresh cheese, deli salads and the finest salted, cured meats in all the land I no longer have the ability to wear pants that were quite spacious last summer.

My first reaction was anger. My pants buying strategy, wherein I almost never buy pants and am forced to stay fitting into the ones I own, had failed me. Don’t ask me how, but it did. So, today I decided to try a new approach to breakfast. I actually measured how much butter I put into the potatoes and made an egg white omelette. Yuk it up, but taking the yolk removes all of the cholesterol and more then 90% of the fat. Yes, the omelette doesn’t taste as rich without the golden goodness, but you can always put half a yolk back in and still be doing your body quite the favor. I went all white with two slices of my swiss cheese. Another good way to cut down on fat is to have a really good nonstick omelette pan, as you won’t have to grease it up.

I was feeling a little adventurous with the taters and we had a lot of goodies left over from making Smitten Kitchen’s Napa Cabbage Salad and Buttermilk Dressing last week. The goodies I wanted to experiment with were radishes. We’re at the height of radish season right now and I love the spicy little dudes. They’re extremely fresh tasting, even after being in the fridge for dayyys. So I chopped them up and ran with it.

Other than that, pretty standard tatoes. Red waxies with a half an onion, and a slight amount of of garlic olive oil and butter. Okay, so I didn’t measure it. But I didn’t put a lot on. This will however tide me over until tonight, because there’s enchiladas on the menu with homemade tortillas. BOOYAH.

In the process of downloading a gang of De La Soul and though “Baby Phat” feat Devin The Dude would have been fitting for this post, the public library is squashin’ my torrents. You’ll have to wait on that one. Instead, Daft Punk to funk to.

Daft Punk – Make Love
Daft Punk – Something About Us


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