Win their stomachs and minds

Welp, it’s 9/11. My uncle Jaime, lifelong sav and Elk passed away seven years ago today. Not in the attacks, but in bed, of a heart attack in Woodland. I guess the best way to honor his memory is to eat something ridiculous and name it after him.

Last night I went big. I made a batch of granola for my besties, as Joey recently sent me my Chacos that I left in Berkeley and Ariel is in the process of sending my finest dress shirts out from Portland. I also owe Sally some homemade goodness since she gave me pickled okra and I’m chomping at the bit to have it sent out. I don’t hold much hope for the jacket and boots I left in Anchorage. Big ups, you’ve got a very oat-heavy batch of granola coming, but it may just be my best yet.

Regardless, all of the lawyers in my office went to D.C. this weekend and left me at the office. Needles to say I foodblogged hard all day and decided I wanted to try my hand at museli. Thanks to redkitchen, I got the basics of a museli down; oats and fruit. I didn’t bother to read on, which was a mistake. Many times I overestimate my abilities to just kind of figure it out, tonight is one such example. I still haven’t looked up how to actually make museli, but I’ve been waiting for it to dry out for like two and a half hours now.

Apparently there is some nuance to this recipe.

So until I figure out what’s going on and actually how to make museli, I will withhold the recipe. Instead, this morning I made something I miss terribly from my days in Salem. If you ever find yourself in Oregon’s capitol for breakfast, go to the Off Center cafe. My favorite is Annie’s Eggs, a really simple scramble with tomatoes and spinach. As school is getting started back up and I’m not there to join it, I thought I’d indulge in a little throwback.

Annie’s Eggs

2 eggs scrambled
1/2 cup fresh baby spinach, shredded
1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes, rough dice
1/3 tablespoon of butter
A bunch of parmesan cheese

This is one of those recipes you can do a lot with to class it up, like trying heirloom varieties of tomatoes, different hard cheese and different greens (just don’t use arugula or your egg dish will be branded as elitist). I kept it fairly simple, with produce I’m trying to use up anyway.

Put the butter in the pan, melt it up and toss your tomatoes in. Raw tomatoes in something like this have a tendency to overpower the eggs and spinach. Cooking them takes some of the “pop” (read: moisture) out and distributes it throughout the eggs. Let them sizzle for a minute or two until and they’re tender to the touch. Not with your finger, jesus, you’ll hurt yourself.

Pour your scrambled mess into the tomatoes and stir like crazy. Add some salt and pepper while its still liquid to get it distributed and add the spinach while its still pretty wet.


Parmesan. Be liberal- in life and in cheese addition.


Now its just a matter of preference as to egg cookedness. Me, I like em cooked.

Serve with toast and a healthy dose of Curtis Mayfield. Beat recognition enabled

Mayfield – Move On Up


3 responses to “Win their stomachs and minds

  1. “Needles to say I foodblogged hard all day” – nice.

  2. Drnk sry!

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