Not breakfast

But I could eat this for every meal, and I guess that gives it breakfast potential. Seriously, this is definitely the best thing I’ve ever made for myself, and it’s up there with best things I’ve ever eaten in my life.

1. Way To A Man’s Heart Cookie by my Grandma’s neighbor
2. Mom’s Little Chicken Sandwiches
3. Mom’s Paella
4. This.
5. Fresh Lobster with buttah

Thats where I’m at right now.

I hopped in the volv and was thinking about making pizza tonight. I’ve got a great system for pizza that takes my shitty baking right out of the equation. I go buy my toppings and mozzarella and then just buy premade dough from a pizza joint. This saves you time, gives you consistent results and, I can’t make this clear enough, you don’t have to fall all over yourself to cater to yeast.

Ew, bad tangent, as then I decided not to make pizza. Sorry.

What I decided to make is a personal (still cooking for one, DAMN YOU EHARMONY) Mexican inspired Pizza. I say inspired because Mexican Pizza is trademarked by Taco Bell.

I’m still unsure about this recipe as it calls for some very particular ingredients that are not widely available. But, who cares, this is about tastiness, not availability. I’m going to put my name all over this recipe because this is some James Beard quality shit here.

Matt-xican Pizza
1 Micaela’s Flour Tortilla*
2 Mini Red Bell Peppers, halved seeded and sliced*
2 tbsp chopped cilantro
About 6 quartered grape tomatoes
5 or so slices of a brick of queso asadero, Mexican part skim melting cheese
1 small clove of garlic, miced
2 tbsp Goats Milk Spanish Cordobe hard cheese, grated (Not necessary but good)
Sal y pimiento

*So, for 99% of people these will be impossible to find. Micaela’s is a tortilla company out of Woodland that makes gigantic, delicious, pillowy flour tortillas. If you are in the Yolo county area (SALLY) you can pick them up at the Woodland Costco or Nugget. They’re amazing, and the family that makes them have been very nice when I’ve seen them at the markets. If you can’t find Micaela’s, use the biggest, fluffiest flour tortilla you can, it needs to be basically a pita.

**Take the seeds out for the love of God. The mininess of these guys belies and concentrates their hotness. Also, be sure to wash your hands after dealing with em. If you take your contacts out with this on your finger you will wish you were dead.

Set your oven to broil and move the rack to the top. While its warming up throw your tortilla with the cheese slices on the top rack. Kepp the cheese slices away from the edge, that way youll have a nice crust.

Mix all your veggies and herbs in a separate bowl and stir with a touch of olive oil (was that in the ingredients?), salt and pepper. Let sit.

When the cheese is melty and the crust is brown, dump your veggie mix on there and throw back in for 5 or so minutes, leave the door open on the oven. When the tomatoes start to soften up, take it out and grate the cordobe on there. Throw it back in for a couple more minutes (if the crust is getting to black get it out of there, duh). Crack open a delicious pale ale or light beer of your choice and get ready.

I like Dale’s because it states very clearly on the side “Pack It In, Pack It Out.” They get it. Also the beer is very good, and very hoppy.


When you take it out the tortilla crust should be pretty crispy. Put it on the cutting board you used for the produce and cut it into quarters. Isn’t that the best thing you’ve ever eaten? If it isn’t then you’re doing it wrong.


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