If you’re in Boston

Then you know how that Dustin “The Destroya” Pedroia is tearing the rest of the AL a new one.

But, if you’re in Boston, then you should also know about a couple things:
-College night at the Museum of Science tomorrow night. I’m going. And I’m sneaking PBR in (They sell 30 packs here, glorious).
-Ron Sexsmith on Thursday night. Or the Walkmen. I’ve been listening to Sexsmith far longer than the Walkmen so I’m inclined to head over to TT the Bears to see one of the best pop songwriters alive today.

Ohhh, embedding disabled by request! Ron Sexsmith – Secret Heart

It’s also nice when the guy you’re seeing perform is not all that good looking. Just like I can’t imagine being a girl at a St. Vincent show I always feel self conscious when I think I could lose whoever I’m with if by chance the guy on stage goes-

“Hey girl that Matt’s with, want to hear the acoustic version?”

I made a variation on the infamous fried egg sandwich and grabbed some more of those mini-bells today. I’ve got a busy week but I’ll be back with bells and recipes tomorrow evening. That is, after I go to the museum and learn about diseases and dinos.

St. Vincent – Now Now. (off of Marry Me)


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