I may have small feet

But my carbon footprint is HUGE. At least it has been over the last week or so.

Truly an eventful since-last-post experience. I hopped down to New York City on the Chinatown bus Friday afternoon to see newly New York friends. Let it be known, the Fung Wah bus from South Station in Boston to Canal and Bowery in New York is a one of a kind experience. I was surrounded by some of New England’s craziest and got to see what happens when two charter buses unleash their charges upon an unsuspecting McDonald’s gas station (hint: mayhem and a lot of otherwise attractive people chomping down some truly disgusting meal combos).
WARNING: Photo Heavy Edition

That’s the view off the bus on the way out. Not a great picture but its one of about six pictures I took all weekend so DEAL.

Enough about the bus, what a city! I’m sure that WordPress has a veritable library of posts about NYC but as a subject it certainly deserves attention.

The food! ¡Que bueno! As soon as I met up with my folks, they took me to get arepes and some authentic New York pizza. Unfortunately, due to a combination of a past-car-nap haze and some Peebs I got onto the Fung Wah, I can’t remember the name of them. I cannot even begin to describe how much foodporn this city provides to someone like me. Co-ops, restaurants, dinner clubs. NOM. Before I left we made diabetic hajj to Doughnut Plant and picked up some ridiculous fried goodness. I opted for a cake doughnut with a three milk creme inside. Gahhhhhhhhh.

After doughnuts and on my way back to the bus, we stumbled upon a farmers market on Grand Street that had a gang of tomatoes and had I been staying much longer would have been the bane of my wallet.

I had a lot of fun in New York, but it was good to get back. I felt like I was neglecting WordPress and making it angry, and you wouldn’t like WordPress when its angry. And because my hectic schedule this week has been putting me on a solid diet of fruit and toast in the morning (for shame!) I played the first of what I can only assume will be many breakfast for dinners.

Making breakfast for dinner means you can get a little weirder with what you’re making, more savory and you can throw back a few while your eggs cook. As a heads up, this is kind of weird, and maybe a little too tomatoey for some amongst us who don’t lyke lycopene. But if you don’t like tomatoes, I could really give two shits what you think about breakfast. This one’s hard to name, so I shall employ biNOMial NOMenclature.

Genus: Breakfast Burrito
Species: With Tomatoes, Baked Eggs, Cilantro and Cheese

I’ve been meaning to name something after him, so I’ll go ahead and name this after one of the biggest savs in history, William Lloyd Garrison. This guy was an abolitionist and a suffragist long before either movement gained much momentum. He’s buried on Tremont St. and I walked by his grave today, he should be remembered with something much grander than a deconstructed breakfast burrito but I am but a foodie of humble means.

Okay, so enough digression. The recipe:

The William Lloyd Garrison Memorial Deconstructed Breakfast Burrito

2 eggs
4 tsp chop’d cilantro
1 tsp cream
2 tsp parmesan cheese
sum butta
1 diced tomato, a sweet variety but not one of the tart varieties. I get down on Cherokee Purple heirloom and Whole Foods seems to carry them.
3 slices of pepperjack cheese off a brick*
1 diced clove of garlic
1 big tortilla (I’m still using Micaela’s, thickness matters in this recipe)

Okey dokes- preheat your oven to 375. Butter a ramekin thick, crack your eggs and separate the whites into the buttered rammie. Keep that yolk separate. Toss your cilantro, garlic, parmesan and cream into the white and scramble for a few seconds with some salt and pepper. Put the yolks into the white and put in when the ovens preheated.

Grab your tortilla and cover it in your diced tomato. That’s a lot of tomato, huh. Well, you can take some off if you want, but don’t be a hoodrat about it. Cover that with the pepperjack and toss in the oven alongside your baking egg. The egg takes like 12 minutes, so throw your tortilla in for the last, say four minutes and call it good.

When it comes out use an oven mitt (SHITS HOT) and scoop the eggage onto the tortilla, wrap it up and chomp. If you have goat’s milk, drink that because its good and you’re supporting a great animal.

I’ve been looking for good ways to incorporate more veggies into my food and this is a step.

I’ll leave you with the most New York composer ever, George Gershwin.

George Gershwin for the Goldwyn Follies – Love Is Here To Stay


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