Liveblogging the Debate!

So I decided that if I were to up my blog cred I had to do some liveblogging. In the spirit of blogging, I thought it fitting to inject my own personal biases into the discussion. That being said, if Jim Lehrer asks any questions on how to, say, poach an egg, fry potatoes or anything breakfast related, I’m available for major network interviews and general punditry.

9:00 EDT- Lehrer speaks!

9:06- McCain says that America is in a great physical crisis. Yikes! Our collective economic arm hurts…

9:26- No mention of breakfast yet. These questions about economic policy don’t lend themselves to breakfast related answers.

9:48- Iraq blah blah blah. Where’s the granola?

9:59- “I’ve got a bracelet too.” Not breakfast, but damn that tastes good.

10:12- Spain may not be a friend of McCains, but Spain is a friend of mine.

So besides Obama rather flippantly mentioning a cup of tea, absolutely zero references to breakfast, the dairy industry, or anything morning related. This blog, based on its subject matter, can not as of yet endorse either candidate.


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