Blog Traffic FAIL

I had ideas, visions of grandeur about how ground-breaking this post would be. I told Jamal that this was going to be the post that got me national recognition as an up and coming food blogger as well as a keen political snarkologist.

This was going to be my moment.

Upon picking up the latest “Super Cool California Soul” collection, I heard Spanky Wilson’s cover Bobbie Gentry’s “Fancy.” I loved it. It’s a great narrative and speaks to the misguided, but often effective ways that inner city kids try to get out of poverty. In Fancy’s case that meant toning down her sass and blowing all her money on a new, velvet dress.

“Just be nice to the gentlemen, Fancy, and they’ll be nice to you.”

What on earth would bring my blog traffic by posting this song? Well, at 3:52, Spanky sings what I thought said,

“I’m John McCain, the congressman and occasional aristocrat.”

Not only would this kind of cut a whole in Diamond-J’s argument that he’s an outsider- it was written in like 1972- but it would provide some great fodder for Obama in his argument that McCain is an elite.

The only problem was the actual lyrics. “I’ve charmed a king, a congressman and an occasional aristocrat.”

Well, I guess I’ll have to earn my place in the national blogosphere scene by actually earning it. No more gotcha tactics.

Jaime’s coming into town this weekend, and I’m going to make him some breakfasts that will just blow his Red Sox right off.

But sorry, no recipes today. I’ve been super busy and just nibbling off the fruits of last weeks granola extravaganza. Just you wait. I’m planning a devotional to BLT’s and you might also get a recipe for morning booze…

Until then,
Spanky Wilson – Fancy

Yeah man! Fuck the system!
Motor City 5 – The American Ruse


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