Written on October 23rd:
1:40 am on Greyhound headed to Ohio to knock doors for Obama. On the list of places I thought I’d be headed come November, Ohio was somewhere between Calgary and Montevideo. Nevertheless, the sense of wanderlust that has dictated my life since June has struck again and taken me from the cold certainty of Cambridge to the what-ifs of Hamilton, Ohio.

I’m on the second leg of the three-transfer bus trip that will have me in Cincinnati by tomorrow afternoon. I’m between New York and Pittsburgh and though its dark outside, I can make out the Pepperidge Farm headquarters sign and the more than occasional Sunoco station.

I’ve heard this refrain more times than I care to recall over the past five months, but it bears particular significance now:

“This is the time to be doing this sort of thing.”

“This sort of thing” has run the gamut of fish-mongering in Alaska to salami-mongering in Portland and as such, has probably stretched the applicability of an already overbroad permission. The episodic nature of my employment and residency should subside after what I’m calling the Jaunt For Change. There are talks of a paralegal job in New York City, beer lobbying in D.C. and way out there on the feasibility front, working in student development at one of the many colleges and universities that dot the northeast. On paper I’m completely unqualified, but anyone who saw my freshman year, replete with three-day Schlitz and Sobe-rip benders sprinkled intermittently with half-assed schoolwork that smelled of mango bluntwraps, anyone who saw me then might also see why now I’m in a good position to help others avoid colleges seeds and stems.

This is rather superfluous to the task at hand, though, which is to update a now eight day neglected (probably nine by the time I get to an internet connection) blog. The life update is important though, because while I’m out here getting others to follow my shining example, homemade breakfasts might be few and far between. If it’s all the same to you, I’ll use an old bloggers trick I learned in the trenches: reviews make up for a lack of content. I’m taking The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham in case I have access to a kitchen and some dairy goods, but the word from the field is that there is not a lot of downtime at this job and I may need to pull out some Did-You-Knows and Check-Out-This-Fine-Products in an attempt to divert your attention from the fact that you’ll be reading a breakfast blog with no breakfast recipes.

October 24 update:

My conclusions after one day of campaigning? It’s hard to make breakfast when you’re at work for 12 hours a day. Also, Waffle House has delicious hash browns and megadank diner coffee- eat in the midwest and south accordingly.

Notorious B.I.G. – Gimme the Loot


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