Eastbound and Down

I can tell its a holiday because I just watched “Smokey and the Bandit II.”

The take home message of tonight’s viewing is that I have an unhealthy thing for 1977 Sally Field. Honestly, honey was hotter than the salsa that Meg and I made in my last days in Ithaca. I would like to submit into evidence the following YouTube, appropriately entitled “East Bound and Down.”

I am no longer in Ithaca, Albany or even New York for that matter. The thanksgiving festivities drew to a close and I boarded a (south)eastbound bus back to Beantown. I’m closing up shop back here and setting up back in the central valley of California this week. I’m really excited to be somewhere with a degree of permanence and with a kitchen of my own. As you can tell, traveling makes posts rare and I want that to change and quickly. I’ve eaten a lot of delicious breakfasts over the past week but due to circumstance and responsibility I haven’t been able to transcribe the creative process. Instead, here’s a photo primer to the last week and a half of cooking and life that I’ve been a part of.

Homemade chips and salsa with some sort of limited edition Brooklyn Brewery 22. The trifecta was excellent and I’m carting around four jars of the salsa in my duffel.

The capsacin in these little guys made my left hand burn for 36 hours straight. The salsa was worth it though.

Peppers pre-fireroast.

Meg and I made this monstrosity one morning and if I had The Breakfast Book with me I would detail its ingredients but until then this is what the finished product looks like.

Romp through the backyard in Ithaca.

Fresh hot homemade biscuits after my dad’s birthday. Mike has himself a recipe and it deserves sharing.

Until I see you next here is my itinerary set to music.

Beegees – Massachusetts
Interpol – NYC
Wilco – California Stars


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