House to Home

An Ikea furniture building party didn’t quite do it. My Heimdel bed is assembled, my Sklar bookshelf is together and my records are in order of release date. Yet this morning it still didn’t feel like mine. The transition from house to home is a ritual unique to every tenant. Some people need a big party while some need to have sex in every room in the house before they feel comfortable in it. I need a barefoot breakfast.

Cooking has always been my way of familiarizing myself with my surroundings. Under normal circumstances this would be the opportunity to find the answers to questions like “Where’s the sporks?” Unfortunately, the roommate whom I replaced went all scorched earth on the kitchen and left the spork drawer looking pretty sad.

Despite the inventory factors working against me, I was determined to break in the Wedgwood Stove. Notice in the picture the integrated salt and pepper shakers. Woot! Having been blessed with a loaf of Acme sourdough yesterday I thought I’d keep it simple. Toast with homemade jam, granola and yogurt and some tea. No recipes are really needed here, but I will use this opportunity to make a simple plea.


They are superfluous and a waste of counter-space. Even fancy ones toast unevenly and they make a mess. The most important thing working against toasters is the lack of enough residual heat to melt butter yet remain crispy.

Enter the oven. You can toast in the oven really easily, and you can also just fry your toast. I’m quite partial to frying my toast because, well, I love to fry. Just can’t get enough. Fried toast is moister and allows you a lot of determination in just how crispy/buttery/!cheesy! your toast is. Its also a good opportunity to use sautee pans that don’t have nonstick surfaces.

Thank god for kissing ass because the jam that I had given the house for Chrismahanukwanzaa was still in the fridge and waiting to be put on some fresh fried toast. Oh man, that is good stuff. I would put the recipe up here but its Sally’s recipe not mine and that wouldn’t be just. We’re thinking about starting a second blog focusing on homemaking, diying or whatever you want to call it. So until then, I guess it’ll have to remain a secret.

Until next time, two favorites from Pitchfork’s Best Tracks of 2k8.

M83 – Kim and Jessie
Jamie Liddell – All I Wanna Do

I tried really hard to get a picture of the finished product, but, its just toast. Go make your own. Go fry some bread.


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