Adventures in Self-Examination

How far could my breakfast empire reach? Is there a market for a breakfast magazine? Like a Guns & Ammo but Eggs & Toast?

These are all questions that run through my head as I daydream about the life of a fulltime breakfast blogger. Matthew Lesko says there are all sorts of ways to make money on the internet, is this in his book?

Blogs like The Internet Food Association have shown me that even people with jobs can find time to indulge in cooking/blogging. Mind you these aren’t normal people, these are professional bloggers. So I guess my relief is only half justified. Ups to Jamal for pointing this site out.

*Notice that this blog and one run by professionals uses the same WordPress theme, Cutline. I am pretty savvy.

On the breakfast end I’ve been busy assembling a pantry, so my breakfasts are rather minimal right now. Sure I fried some potatoes yesterday and I’ve assembled on omelette or two, but the brunt of my cooking energies have been directed at dinner and lunch.

Which makes me return to something I dealt with when I made The Tastiest Thing I Ever Made, the idea of breakfast potential. In this case the meal in question is Molly’s recipe for boiled kale. As a human with free will I am allowed to have whatever I want for breakfast, Sunday that happened to be beer and a baguette, but as a blogger at somewhat dedicated to the concept of a breakfast blog, is it “kosh” to blog the time I ate boiled kale with an egg poached in the broth?

Well, just like Lenny Briscoe, I don’t always play by the rules.

If you go to Orangette, you’ll notice some differences between the two recipes. For one, you’ll notice she is a much better kale-chopper than I am. You may also notice she takes really pleasant photos. I like to think that mine are more gritty, more raw.

On the actual cooking end, I poached my egg in the simmering broth. I also served it over a toasted tortilla covered with melted asiago. There’s no picture of the poached egg because honestly it wasn’t very appealing to look at but it tasted real good.

A lot of people think breakfast is this predetermined set of ingredients that don’t allow for too much creativity. I hope that people understand that its a blank slate, something completely up for interpretation, much like this Rorshach test. What do you see?

I see a devil-may-care disdain for authority and a love of puns/justice.

Now everyone go over to Orangette and read her blogfolio.

Music note: I have received a number of cease and desist orders from for sharing copyrighted material. I would appreciate it if all the narcs would look elsewhere for breakfast recipes.


2 responses to “Adventures in Self-Examination

  1. i believe the expression is hat tip.

  2. oh wow this is so much more exciting now that you’ve met mr. lesko

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