Aight, new drink

With a stagnant economy and unemployment rates at their highest in decades, there are a lot of folks out there with free mornings, and well, free days. That’s bad news if you are trying to support a family, but good news if a job has been holding you back from drinking in the morning.

The mimosa, bellini and bloody mary are all mainstays of the boozy brunch. I debated about starting out my “Morning Buzz” series with a new twist on one of the classics, but an evening spent listening to Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” provided another option.

The Thug’s Passion isn’t just for your record release party or your “just got out of jail” celebration. Dress it up, dress it down, take it anywhere, the Thug’s Passion is a versatile, more potent take on the bellini but instead of fresh fruit, we opt for raspberry infused cognac. As Benji put it after one 6 ounce glass:

“This is weird, I’m kind of buzzed and that wasn’t very much.”


Any recipe that Tupac shouts out has to be made, and his directions are clear.

Thug’s Passion

Aight, new drink
One part Alize one part Cristal
Thugs passion baby
Ya’ll know what time it is
This drink is guaranteed
To get the ***** wet and the **** hard
Now if ya with me
Pour a glass and drink with a *****
Know what I mean ?
I ain’t trying to turn you all ****** into alcoholics
Im just trying to turn you into ********* thugs
So come and get some of this thug’s passion baby

The economy as it is, Tupac and I do no expect you to use Cristal in this. I opted for Brut prosecco. It may not have the clout of Cristal, but you are dumping Alize into it, so who cares what it tastes like. Alize comes in a bevy of colors and flavors, so the thing to keep in mind is presentation. If you buy the blue Alize and mix it with a yellow sparkling wine, check your color wheel, you’ll be drinking something really gross looking. There’s a yellow Alize too, and that might work out okay, but if you want that authentic tacky breakfast drink color, you need it to be pink. I don’t have Jaime’s permission to use his image on this here blog, so I have to use the black and white picture for the time being.

Mmmmmm. It tastes good, and theres nothing better than that confused stomach feeling you get when you start drinking pre-noon.

Late Update: After the last posts big Lesko shout out, it looks my stars aligned and, well, lookie here.

St. Vincent – All My Stars Aligned


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