Have you ever

Have you ever had something so tasty that you literally shovel it into your mouth? How did you do it?

I just used my fork to collect the last bits of my plate into a triangle at one corner (circles don’t have corners?!) and then kind of bit at my plate so that I could get it all.

Hey! Clean plate club!

What was I eating? Cilantro citrus corn salad.

That’s not my recipe though. It’s what I had this morning, which was equally as scrumptious. You could say that I’ve had a pretty awesome day of food. If you won’t I will. I’ve had a pretty awesome day of food.

I had the van out and figured I would make use of its once-a-week appearance so I stocked up on some nonessentials. Keep in mind I am running pretty low in the funds department so anything that does more than save me from the cusp of death is a luxury. Produce guy had just arrived at the Coop and I had the pick of the greens litter. This coupled with my obsession with chard meant, well, that I was buying about a half-rack of rainbow chard in addition to some huge green onions, carrots, sprouts and another half-rack of eggs. My produce cost me around $8 and it really should last me about four days.

That’s just cost-sense ya’ll.

All this produce was just waiting to get eaten and this morning found the perfect way to crack into the chard.

Shirred Eggs with Chard

While I may not be happy with the picture, it tasted like 1,000 words.

Makes 3 eggs

4 leaves chopped rainbow chard (not Swiss)
.5 red onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 eggs
juice of ~.33 meyer lemons
lil butter
lil olive oil

Simple right? Yeah, actually, but It takes a little time.

Preheat your oven to 375.

SautĂ© the chard until for 5 minutes in the olive oil. You don’t need a lot of olive oil, but may want to add some come onion time. That’s now. Onions and garlic. Bingo. Cook that a tad, squeeze the lemon over that and throw that in 3 prebuttered muffin tins. Crack the egg over that goop and toss in the oven. Five minutes in throw some slices of sourdough in there (fuck toasters) and about 5 minutes later (thats a total of 10 minutes, kids) take the bread out and check the eggs. There should not be a lot of clear. Very little in fact. You want white. Poke it with a fork and if it looks good, take it out.

It should come out real easy with a fork from the side. Put over the toast and eat it really fast.

Brand Nubian – All For One


2 responses to “Have you ever

  1. i am chard, have shirred eggs with me

  2. I was just thinking that you needed to hook up the readership with something in the way of a soft boiled egg–this is close enough.

    Low funds aside, your readership also requests that you provide a way for us to escape from this economic morass through breakfast. We request an original recipe of bone-sticking scrumptiousness. Steak and eggs re-thought? Home-smoked trout with ricotta hollandaise on a bialy? Ohhh… texas toast dipped in a tahitian vanilla quail egg batter and filled with an espresso panna cotta.

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