God creates breakfast.

Breakfast creates blog.
Blog destroys God.
Jeff Goldblum joins the cast of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

I feel like Moses when he found the burning bush. That’s how excited I get about Law & Order.

This news coupled with the massive influx of bros I experienced this last weekend helped dull the pain I felt after a less-than-stellar response I got to my pot volume contest. The winner was longtime breaker reader and sole respondent “kipper,” whose guess of 3 gallons was close enough. For her efforts, Kipper will receive a jar of Matt’s Finest Marm and an all expenses paid trip to Space Camp at Moffett Field in San Jose. Congratulations!

Not even my closest bros entered the fray, but I don’t mind because they traveled a combined 4,400 miles to get to Sacramento.

Let’s hear it for carbon emissions.

Cooking for the boys was a little too intimidating to try anything too far out of the box. A simple scramble accompanied by variations on a biscuit gave these guys enough calories to make it to Redding and the last In N Out on 5 northbound.

Louis, excited for mimosas and for finally being a part of the blogosphere.

The sum total of 12 eggs and a stick of butter. This is what 10 minutes of food looks like.

Today’s recipe is another attempt to get rid of produce. Last week’s trip to the farmer’s market yielded a lot of impulse buys. The pound and a half of brussels sprouts was one of the more glaring examples of me not being able to say no to a big bag of produce. This topped with a fried egg is going to be something I come back to.

Fried Egg over Spicy Sauteed Sprouts

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
2 cups trimmed and sliced brussels sprouts
2 cloves garlic, sliced
2 tbsp olive oil

Brussels sprouts got a pretty bad rap growing up but they’re quickly becoming my favorite green. Easy to cook, peppery and chocked full of B9, these little cabbages make seasonal eating a lot more palatable.

In a hot skillet, toss olive oil in and the pepper flakes. All you’re doing is letting the heat from the flakes infuse the oil. Doing this gives your food a thorough heat instead of hot pockets. Hot pockets are to be avoided at all costs, particularly the frozen food section.

Infuse the oil just long enough to say “Ham and Cheddar Hot Pockets” and toss in the garlic and sprouts. Pinch some salt over your greens and in a separate nonstick pan prepare your eggs however you like. Me? Fried. Duhhh.

When the sprouts turn dark green they’re ready to rock. Pepper to taste, throw in a bowl with the egg over the saladmixgoop. Then raise a few eyebrows by taking the whole thing out back and taking pictures of it, prompting your neighbor to ask “What the fuck are you doing?”

Bite me.

Updating my blog, bro.

Two songs by bands that definitely eat their greens.

Johnnie Johnson & The Bandwagon – Blame It On The Pony Express
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control


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