Just a thought

A new series on Food Network Latenight, a spin-off of “Throwdown.”

Instead of Bobby Flay coming to your house, shitting on your ability to cook and then giving you a fist-pound; contestants come onto this show and go on a date with his wife, the lovely Stephanie March.

You and I know her as the Assistant DA on Law and Order: SVU. At the end of the episode, she gets to choose between the challenger and the type of guy who sees this hat and says, “Yeah.”* I assume there will only be one episode because the only possible explanation for why she is with him is she has never felt the touch of another.

Please respond with possible names for this show. And don’t say Ho Down, because Stephanie is pure as the driven snow.

* Among jokes that didn’t make it there are:
-Someone who looks like they taught the kid from “Problem Child” to cook.
-A poorly drawn caricature of Tyler Florence.
-The only guy who thinks he should have won the Jerk Chicken episode of Throwdown.

Cat Power – Song To Bobby


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