Market Madness

I stopped paying attention the Dow Jones Industrial Average, well, okay I never really paid attention to it. I know its important, sort of an EKG for our economic health, but whatever money I did have in the stock market I have since squandered on records and fresh food. Investments of a different sort, you might say. The market I have been paying attention to is the Downtown Farmer’s Market under Highway 50 here in Sacramento.

This is the most badass farmers market in the US. Its grimy, underneath a freeway and flanked on all sides by streets that are fairly dangerous to cross. According to strong anecdotal evidence, Sunday market attendance is up considerably over the last six months. Theories abound to explain it, the two most prevalent being:

“Sacramento is becoming a new urban foodie center, people are realizing that this is a great place to be if you value freshness and local distribution networks.”


“It’s cheap.”

If there is one thing I learned in college, its that the easiest way out of deciding who is right is to say that both theories are correct, to a degree.

I personally subscribe to the argument that people in Sacramento are shifting their hobbies from complaining about how much Sacramento sucks to finding the silver lining. I am sure that the Downtown Market is probably one of the most oft cited “Best Things About Sacramento,” and the Slow-Food-Greenstainable-Grow-Your-Own Movement seems to really have taken hold here.

My brother and his wife are practically a case-study in changing attitudes about Slow Food being a luxury of the “urban haute bourgeois.” Alex is pumped for peppers, silly about cilantro, taken by tomatoes and I’m just going to stop. He still eats cereal two meals out of the day, but that third meal is increasingly locally sourced and fresh.

Even more dear to him than Cheerios is his hard-earned money, and after crunching the numbers the choice is clear. Spend more on processed, prespiced and sliced foods or put in a little more time and see the meal from beginning to end. Elucidating that choice is going to be what keeps foodie-ism from going the way of Pogs and Atkins and keep it informing our diets for the next generation.

15 bucks, little man.

Its all the same to the Downtown Market; it was here before Emeril went green and its not going anywhere. Certainly not an aesthetically pleasing dedicated space closer to the Capitol…

Amerie – One Thing (Siik Remix) Ripped hard from Soul-Sides


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